Holiday Recession Windows 2012 – The Crisis Continues

As the Holiday Season is once again in fool swing, let us take a moment to remember the gay that, nearing the final starvation that follows years of unemployment and benefit cuts, remains out of work and destitute. We mourn the window dresser – may he/she rest in peace.

Simon’s paper mache’ heads have been flattened this year onto a 2-D plasma screen produced and no doubt fully owned by, “The Maus.” XMAS® ™ #holidaycrisis

Most windows look like this:

give a gift they can use

Hardcore Hard Candy Budget Cuttin’ Christmas.

Thankfully ( for this this annual photoseries ) some people are still trying and failing miserably. Yay! Let’s embrace the holiday spirit and laugh at them – together.

These are Ricky’s windows 2012. Glitter on a scrub puff.

rickysscrub1BLOG ha ha loofah ha ha rickysscrub3BLOG rickysscrub4BLOG rickysscrubs5BLOG rickysscrubs6BLOG rickysscrubs7BLOG

Thanks to our roving reporter Christy Minstrel for catching this foul ball.

Urbane Outiftters is carrying their “Garbage” theme through the holidaze this year.

Everybody hates this store. Hate on haters!  Happy Hateful Holidays!

urban garbage

Another white hot not display at a different “Ricky’s $35.00 Bottle of Conditioner Emporium”…

Cut it in half and double it

Cut it in half and double it.

Just a note to you bargain hunters – Last year’s  ¢.99 tinsel wreaths are only ¢.69 this year. “I shop uptown, but I BUY on 14th street.”

save on sad

Having SADS can mean SAVINGS!



Holiday Recession Windows 2012 ARE COMING!

but until I get those pictures ready, I just wanted to post this.

Architectural Jewelry. Jewelry for buildings. Light up jewelry for buildings. MORE!!!!


Please can we have earrings on the bridges? PLEEEEEAASE???? A string of 6 ft diameter pearls on the George Washington?



The Memorial Day Holiday Windows Are Still Up!

For those of you traveling into the city from elsewhere, be advised that the Memorial Day Holiday Windows are still up!  Great!

Passed out drunk for the holiday!  CUTE!!!!

Big hats. That’s the thing. You better get one ASAP.

Ahhh yes – Strawberry Union Square keeping it real through the start of summer. Is this a Simon Doonan window? Big hat – TOLD YA

I would say that is a scarf under denim hot pant dungarees. Memorial Day! Let’s make it one to remember.

Normally I don’t like to wear off the shoulder because it shows my ARM HINGE CRACKS.