Forgetting About Your Own Blog

is no excuse for not posting for weeks and weeks but it happened. If you’d like to remind me to post something in the future or if you would like to request a topic or to ask me anything almost at all – hey – feel free…

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Let your fingers do the walking and be assured – every email will be read by me or one of my staff. FYI – I like to discuss and blog about things that are; a little tired, really old, a future possibility, completely ridiculous, often underrated and of course those things that are invisible such as music, fragrance and spirits (not the kind that take a water back.) Also, I enjoy blogging about topics that involve the visible spectrum and everything that happens therein. I’m very sorry but I have to request that there be no inquiries regarding the subjects of the ultra-violet nor the infra-red at this time. Things beyond the spectrum will be permitted as topics of inquiry and or suggestions for posts sometime in the future, however at this moment I am unable to care about and therefore blog about colors that nobody can see.  note: The topic of fluorescence is fine.

Ok, so, that said, what about Horst P. Horst and his summer beauty shot for Vogue? Have you seen it yet? Are you familiar with Horst P. Horst and Vogue 1939? No? Well you are now…


H. kept this one REAL simple – huh? Blast her with the brightest tungsten ya got and pay no mind to the beat up edge of that box. Inspiring.

Thanks, Horst.

If You Wanna Ride,

ride the white pony.

Laid Back was a Danish duo – Tim Stahl and John Guldberg – this is the extended version of the B-side of their single, Sunshine Reggae. Sometimes the B-sides are better.





More great video from the Chanel Paris Fall Winter 92/93 runway show featuring great leather fashion and the likes of Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista, Helena Christensen, Naomi Campbell and on and on and on.  Thank you for such a great version which is so much better than my original of 10 years ago.  Helena Christensen is absolutely STUNNING in her 1st outfit – SWOON!

So much beautiful red leather for Valentine’s Day! Hot Hot HOT!