A Funeral For An Object – Grieving My Broken Red Wing

R.I.P. – The rare and elegantly unique form known to certain ceramic collectors as “Hot Beverage Server/Red Wing/Driftwood/1957.

The fine example of American mid-century ceramics passed out of this realm and into a landfill due to an accident attributed to the collector’s nearsightedness and a mishap involving a dropped skillet. Alcohol was not involved.

Attempts to repair the breakage were unsuccessful and resulted in crazy glue “just all over everywhere.”

Hot Beverage Server was 58 years old, manufactured in Minnesota and remained in mint condition with no cracks or crazing until the time of the accident.

Donations in memory of H.B.S. may be made in the name of “Aunt Alice” to The Red Wing Collector’s Society.

A silent funeral service for the rare form was held on the couch in the living room last night. In attendance were several valued objects from the collector’s personal cache of meaningful things including; the six Campus Cuties, an actual piece of driftwood, a red winged Breezy Singer, the blue marble egg and John Badum’s bell (which was silenced as a poignant gesture of the group’s quiet mourning. Other Driftwood ’57 examples from Red Wing’s first ever dish washer safe line of ceramics attended the service also and included the sugar bowl, salt and pepper and the sadly veiled butter dish. A framed photo of the Hot Beverage Server was displayed behind the remains and recalled it’s once elegant curved handle that now layed useless and fractured near the small swirl topped hand painted lid of the turquoise glazed ceramic.


click photo to enlarge

Clay to Bisque

Bisque to Glazed

Fragile finery gone forever.

Thank- you for your sympathies as I grieve for the loss of this used twice but admired daily Red Wing showstopper.

FYI – Hot beverages will now be served individually in Barbra or Judy mugs only until further notice.







A New Year’s Affirmation Inside A Very Fine Cheese

Enjoy this barely polished, low quality, Hi-definition disco-pop gem from the German “So gay but not gay” duo, Modern Talking. Learn the lyrics and remember them through the coming year.

You Can Win If You Want, If You Want It You Will Win – mantra

You meaning “I” that is, you are you to me but I am me to myself so when I repeat this disco mantra I say “you” but I mean ” I.”  right? wait…who am I again?

Valued readers I wish you all a winning new year filled with one finger piano solos, a bold abuse of bronzer and catchy falsetto backups over a throbbing bass that just makes you feel like, “giddy-up ,giddy’up, giddy-up!”

Let’s go!

You can win if you want
If you want it, you will win
On your way you will see that life is more than fantasy
Take my hand, follow me
Oh, you’ve got a brand new friend for your life

GIFS of the Season

It’s all about Ballet gifs. I mean it is ALL about Ballet gifs. BALLET GIFS ARE GO.

Ballet gif?

Ballet gif?

Ballet gif anyone? I spent hours of my precious and very expensive time researching and discovering these RARE and genius B.G’s just for you, my reader. Happy holidays to all of you cyber friends. Enjoy the season and enjoy the gifs. Send them with text messages. People will think you have class.

Now, on with the gifs!!!!!!


New York City Ballet – Serenade


A wee Balanchine peel off for you.


No sashay. No chante’. OK? now…FOUETTE! FOUETTE I SAY!


The technical term for this little combination from a classical style Pas De Deux is “TA-DA!”


That’s Manon – on and on and on and on and on and …


Romeo and Juliet – The star crossed triple-jointed hyper extended remix.


Chroma – A Subtle Color Coma


Swan Lake – Nothing is ever purely black and white – EXCEPT SWAN LAKE.

Share Ballet gifs to promote beauty and culture throughout the World Wide Web.


Christmas At The Ballet – A Holiday Mini Dialog

(In the soloist’s dressing room)

HER – Happy Holidays to you too – I think you oughta put down that gingerbread and think about disciplining yourself a little. You’re not getting any younger you know and actually, to be honest, I thought you looked kinda “chunky” in last night’s performance.

YOU -( a look of total dis-belief as you rush to drop the gingerbread into the toilet – flush )

HER – I’m not saying you are fat!  I’m saying you looked heavier last night. You appeared to be heavier to me. That’s all. That’s all I’m saying.

You – ( shock and disbelief turn to tears in the mirror as you survey your rear mid-body area ) Could it have been the lighting?

HER – Actually I don’t think it’s the lights babe because they haven’t changed the lighting for that ballet in fifty years – OK?  Look, you know what to do – you do what we’ve all done – come on, stop crying – we’ve all done it babe. A professional dancer sometimes needs to drop a few pounds fast. Period. That’s all I’m saying. You do it it for the company. (pause) Do you want me to call Raul and get you a couple grams of helper? Huh? look, let’s start with what I have now and we can walk over and see the windows at Bergdorf’s on the way to Raul’s. Come on tubby… Kidding! Kidding! Jesus! you’ll be a light bulb en pointe by next week so relax!  Now let’s go.