The Sammy Dance – By Milton H. Greene

Ripped off by Apple to sell iPods – sorry – “inspired by”

Milton H. Greene – the man was a genius. This was a test he shot as an idea for the opening of The Sammy Davis Jr. Show.




Dr. Whovee races with little JoJo to the highest point in Whoville. Original production background with matching production cels from “Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who!”, 1970, directed by Chuck Jones. Background, 60″ x 10.5″, designed by Maurice Noble, gouache on art board; cels are cel vinyl and Xerox on acetate. 

Please watch “Going Clear”

This is a must watch. It’s full of shocking and important truths about Scientology and the completely insane history of L. Ron Hubbard. Watch it. If you know somebody involved with these maniacs, be scared. Brainwashing is real and it is very dangerous and it’s what they do in Scientology. Here’s a picture I took when I lived in LA. I didn’t realize what was in that building was quite so horrible. 01_scientology