Got To Have Your Love – Mantronix feat. Wondress


This has always been a dancefloor favorite of mine. After watching the video I remembered that I did the make-up for it. Wondress – an unsung talent. Kurtis Mantronik? – well, let’s just say I used to get very nervous around him. I mean, look at him…

The World Famous Supreme Team Show (Remix)

It has come to our attention here at Billy Beyond Dot Com that the entire musical catalog of Malcolm Mclaren deserves a thorough re-listening to. The time is now. Remember when Hip-Hop was fun? Personally I was wopping and cabbage patching to this stuff at sorority dances in Ohio before my relocation to the Capitol of The World ( …sigma, sigma,sigma!.) I imagine Cleveland girls still know what time it is.  The World Famous Supreme Team was hours of endless inspiration and my personal fave act in Mclaren’s stable of talent.


Faux Storch?

It’s the sound I like, so I’m not complaining. This is the Scott Storch sound from Girls Like Shoes. This track is called Angel. If you’re #lookingforlyrics you may be #slightlydisappointed. #justenjoythefeeling