Special Programming

Thanks to DJ DeMille reporting live from Cock Eyed Cove, CT.

This sounds a lot like Ann Magnuson’s “And Then There Was A Unicorn” to me.

Yes!!!  Sandy – she’s a lady. You can quote me on that one – This Hurricane is a lady – now step aside for a lady. (This track is so “R” word. Right, “N” word? Word.)


I am not posting this because it is Halloween

I am posting this because a genius vocalist once recorded is eternal.

Goddess Bless Nina Hagen.

God Bless God.

I could go on and write about the times I spent with her, the stories I have heard from Armen and others, but none of it would do her any justice. Nina is beyond words of adoration, beyond fanatical worship. None of those are enough. Nina is beyond beyond. Really really. Out there out there then a little further out.

God Bless me some Nina Freakin Hagen das o vitch. If I had some acid, I’d take it right now…and I have a cold.