People are talking about…

…a week of Antonio book parties!

It’s getting exciting! MAC Pro is reporting a shortage of Flash Cream. New York is wrapped up in Roger and Mauricio Padilha’s new Antonio book release week frenzy. What could be better?

That’s a great place to wear flowers.



A Greeting Card for a Photographer Friend

You can click this picture and print out the full size version of a greeting card for your photographer friend. It’s low tech fold and sign technology. It fits in a nice envelope. Your photographer friends will love this image. People love to say “everybody’s a photographer these days,” well try finding a card at the Hallmark Store for a photographer on his birthday. You can’t do it. You just can’t do it at the Hallmark Store, but now you can do it right here, kid.

Print a few. You’ll save more in the long run because cards are high right now. We all know cards are very high right now.

If you’re like me you’ll put your name or something cute on the back where they used to print the company name and the price. “Beyond Greetings – NYC – twenty-five-cents.”

Don’t ask why, just thank me later.