The Non News Report

You can get a perfectly decent egg salad sandwich at The Edison Diner. Their fare is nothing to sneeze at, but if you have to while you’re there please do it into the crook of your arm. That’s the latest sneeze protocol. Moving on…

Looks like Doris is getting some bad news. It’s best not to answer when it rings.

Do you see that? Do you see the way that light is just, and that shadow is…well… nevermind.

New York is giving good tulip this year. I think we’d all agree on that.

This double fancy is practically speaking french to the counter man at Schrafft’s. Imagine?





Kier coined that term years ago. Poodleology and Poodleologists. Are you one? I am. Did you ever meet Truffle, Lord Truffle Pom Pom Von Champagne Sipper? I loved him.He was in showbusiness in his early years, then retired to the West Village. He was a very sweet poodle until Bunny put Satan in him. Poor thing, he would cower and whine if you called him, “green grilla!”

Satan can take an animal and ruin it. If you have a pet, you should be careful not to let that happen.