The Monkees – Shades of Gray

Hey Hey we are the Monkees. You know we love to please.

A manufactured image, with no philosophies.

We hope you like our story, although there isn’t one.

That is to say there’s many.

That way there is more fun.

You told us you like action and games of many kinds.

You like to dance, we like to sing,

So let’s all lose our minds!

Hey Hey we are the Monkees.

We’ve said it all before.

The money’s in, we’re made of tin we’re here to give you more.


That’s from HEAD starring The Monkees. When I met Jack Nicholson the first thing I said was that HEAD is one of my favorite movies. He paused ever so slightly and smiled and said thank-you. Nuf said.  It was written and produced by Jack and Bob Rafelson in 1968.

By the way – all the coolest people love the Monkees.