Please, if there's one thing the holidays should bring to mind it's uncontrollable fires and preventing them from happening. Celebrate safely this year, for the sake of those around you. A frayed cord or unattended candle could mean the death of a loved one or infant. Make the holiday safe, not fun. 



I thought this window was kind of good – a supernatural Christmas Village inside a tree, where gentle giant reindeer stand taller than the houses. I don't like the way that cab is parked on the corner – something's up with that…looks like the police are on it already.

best christmas trees in NYC

Hey! This is the best place to get any kind of garlands or wreaths or trees this year. Corner of Mulry Square and Greenwich Ave. The girl in the elf hat offered me branched for free. repeat – FOR FREE. She's from Canada as are the trees. Her reindeer sculptures made out of logs and branches are the best in the city. I'm Billy Beyond and I approve of this Christmas Tree vendor.

thank – you


Hungry? Dollar slices have popped up all over town. Sign of the times, yep, sign of the times.


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