New blog provider, same great blog

I am in the process of relocating  my blog to this very spot on the internet.


You may always find my blog by searching for or directing your browser to:

same great blog, same great domain. – so why is this so hard to do?

Thanks to Bob for helping me with this gargantuan undertaking. Bob is sick today and still he is tip tapping between sneezes to bring this popular web based entertainment to you, my loyal readers.

Please check back often or sign up for an email when I post something – as soon as I figure out how to offer that. Hey, it’s just me, kid. I’m the only one blogging here. Do you see anyone else blogging here? No.Thank you, now click away and check back real soon.

Mind Your Own Business by Delta 5

go ahead, click it. Click the song title and enjoy.



Please, if there's one thing the holidays should bring to mind it's uncontrollable fires and preventing them from happening. Celebrate safely this year, for the sake of those around you. A frayed cord or unattended candle could mean the death of a loved one or infant. Make the holiday safe, not fun. 



I thought this window was kind of good – a supernatural Christmas Village inside a tree, where gentle giant reindeer stand taller than the houses. I don't like the way that cab is parked on the corner – something's up with that…looks like the police are on it already.

best christmas trees in NYC

Hey! This is the best place to get any kind of garlands or wreaths or trees this year. Corner of Mulry Square and Greenwich Ave. The girl in the elf hat offered me branched for free. repeat – FOR FREE. She's from Canada as are the trees. Her reindeer sculptures made out of logs and branches are the best in the city. I'm Billy Beyond and I approve of this Christmas Tree vendor.

thank – you


Hungry? Dollar slices have popped up all over town. Sign of the times, yep, sign of the times.


Todd Oldham and Kiera Coffee had a book signing at Barney's. My premonition came into being when I introduced my date to Kiera.

Kier, Kiera.

Kiera, Kier.

The book is AH MAY ZING. Can't wait to comb through it. 



Todd Oldham and Kiera Coffee's Alexander Girard book

A coffee table book big enough to actually be a coffee table. I like that.

Todd Oldham and Lady Miss Kier 2011

A combined talent quotient of seven gazillion percent.

Hair check: "New Penny on a Sandy Blonde beach."

I'm lucky to call them friends.


Mad Ave

always there

That Marilyn Moment

Cornrows are classic

Hair by Alexander Girard

portable turntables


stools! stools!


Working, building, never stopping, never sleeping, Working, making, some for selling some for keeping.


the master

Photo by Steven Meisel.

buy some Girard

Two beds, one headboard. Get into that concept…